Jim Langston Photography: Unique Method of a Visionary 

Jim Langston uses his artistic vision to capture the perfect specialized photo in the moment ​​with only his camera and a vision. Choosing to add beautiful and intricate highlights to certain details at the best time, which for Jim is right in the moment that your memory is being made, he shares his vision with you so you can share it with others. For your own unique experience with Charleston's most versatile photographer, contact him here

The Man Behind the Camera

In 1973, a fourteen year old ordered a camera and started taking pictures of the local snowstorm. Everyone's houses were covered in at least four feet of snow, unlike anything they had seen in years. The boy sold every single picture he took of the houses in the neighborhood that winter to the people in the community that had been just as amazing by the record-breaking snow, but had not captured the moment. Starting at such a young age, Jim has had time to evolve and expand his talents, now one of the most diverse and creative Charleston, South Carolina Photographers. He spends most of his time working, taking pictures, and heading up his charity. To get to know him through the way he expresses himself artistically, check out some of his Charleston prints here.
Jim Langston